Religious Technology Center V Netcom On Line Communication Services Inc

Religious Technology Center v. Netcom On-Line Communication Services, Inc.,
923 F. Supp. 1231 (N.D. Cal. 1995)

Dennis Erlich, a former Church of Scientology minister, used a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) to criticize the church. He used large portions of the Learning documents and parts of the Advanced Technology documents written by Ron Hubbard to make his point on the BBS. In a previous court ruling, the court ordered a search and seizure of his house and associated residences of any infringing documents and computer documents. The North District Court of California found that Erlich was infringing on the copyrights of the Religious Technology Center and restricted him to the use only the portion of the documents necessary to make his point under fair use. They also found that the search and seizure that the previous court ordered was over broad because a specific location was not selected and specific documents were not listed on the writ of seizure. The RTC had to return all items seized within 10 days.

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