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Below is a breakdown of the weekly content and assignments for the 642 final exam along with links to each individual section. Please note that the weeks for which you committed will include notes from class slides, readings, and briefs/summaries from court cases corresponding to the subtopic (i.e. broadcast/spectrum, emerging video/cable, telephone regulation, Internet) that your week falls under. You may check with others within your subtopic to split up some of the court cases.

Since this is a Wiki, feel free to add anything and everything if you have notes on it already or if you want to expand on something. In particular, think about class lecture notes, additional case briefs, and important exam materials.

It would be a great help to the entire group if everyone could have their notes organized and posted by Monday, April 26 to give us a full week to review. Please try to follow the outlines as closely as possible when organizing your notes and strive to be detailed, yet concise. Also, as we plan to have *mini-study meetings* in the next couple of weeks, be sure to Cc. everyone on the distribution list.

Week 1: Chelsey
Week 2: Christine
Week 3: Ryan
Week 4: Jeremy
Week 5: Sean
Week 6: Dan
Week 7: Mike L.
Week 8: Preethi
Week 11: CJ
Week 12: CJ
Week 13: Chris
Week 14: Phil
Week 15: Mike W.
Week 16: Andrew B.

Individual Case Briefs

Text Case Briefs

Broadcast & Spectrum Regulation

Multi-Video Distribution Programming

Telephone Regulation

The Internet

Group Policy Briefs/Cases

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Reading Notes

Week One: Structure of Law & Legal Processes

Week Two: Broadcast and Spectrum Regulation I

Week Three: Broadcast and Spectrum Regulation II

Week Four: Broadcast and Spectrum Regulation III

Week Five: The Emerging Video Marketplace I

Week Six: The Emerging Video Marketplace II

Week Seven: Emerging Video Marketplace III

Week Eight: Global Regulatory Issues/Standards

Week Eleven: Telephone Regulation I

Week Twelve: Telephone Regulation II

Week Thirteen: Telephone Regulation III

Week Fourteen: The Internet and Advanced Services

Week Fifteen: Advanced Services

Week Sixteen: Epilogue

Lecture/Slide Notes

Misc Notes (Videos, Handouts, etc.)

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