Stratton Oakmont V Prodigy

Stratton Oakmont v. Prodigy
Date: May 4, 1995
Court: New York State Supreme Court, Nassau County
Case #: 31063/94
Issues: Defamation

An anonymous author on Prodigy’s “Money Talks” forum posted comments defaming members of Stratton Oakmont, Inc. Stratton claimed that Prodigy acts as a publisher and is responsible for posts on it’s forum. What made Prodigy differ from Compuserve was that Prodigy had an editorial staff and their claim of editorial control of the site. Prodigy also posted content guidelines on their site and software to filter out profanity. Board leaders were also responsible for enforcing the content guidelines. The court decided that Prodigy was considered a publisher. Prodigy appealed that case but then settled before the case was heard

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